Design Myths


Myth #1 “I need to get my house ‘presentable’ before I call a designer!”

Before you schedule a redesign, all you need to do to your home is typical housekeeping. We will do the rest!

Myth #2 “A designer will judge me personally when she sees how messed up my house is!”

Wrong. All we see is the potential for a dramatic ‘before’ and ‘after’. Show us your worst and we’ll show you our best (and your best, too!).

Myth #3 “I cannot afford a designer.”

With redesign, you do not have to buy a thing! We spin beautiful interiors using what you already have. Your only cost is our labor—which is less than the cost of buying more furnishings!

Myth #4 “I will just do this myself.”

Maybe you CAN, but WILL you? Perhaps you are like most people and you have a million other things to do than design your home! Or you have brought it along to a certain point and need someone else to finish it for you!

Myth #5 “My house is beyond help.”

No way! You just need someone to go through your home with fresh perspective! Don’t despair! Call us and let’s go through your house together and talk about what we can do.

Marcie Elliott-Smith in TX on Houzz