Hi, I'm Marcie!

Design in a Day? Or in Stages? Let's Go!

I love design and have been improving interiors for over 20 years!mles
To apply the elements of great design to a home and see homeowners realize and enjoy their own sense of style is exciting! My background is in business, humanitarian aid and design.
Studying design never ends for me. Whenever I look at a photo of a beautiful interior or walk into a room, I ask myself what I like about it, what is in the room that I wouldn’t have thought of, what is in the room that is ‘edgy’ or creative, what makes it interesting, what can I learn from this style, on and on. I never turn it off. I’m not sure I can!
I bring that love of design and self-challenge into every project. I believe in this service and the impact it has on families and businesses. Whether you are considering redesign because your home isn’t at its potential or you are moving into a new home, we’d love to be part of that transformation!
Call for a consultation and let’s get started!
Marcie Elliott-Smith, IRIS, CISS
Intuition Interiors

Serving these Texas cities with excellence:
Caldwell, Bryan, College Station, Austin and the surrounding areas.

Member of
Interior Redesign Industry Specialists
Certified Interior Staging Specialists
Association of Design Education

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